To be your biggest champion until you are capable of being your own, enabling you to live limitlessly. 
2022 is Ending in Less than 2 Months 
Do these for 60 days to become Unrecognisable in 2023: 
Manage your time: 
Wake up earlier 
Create task lists 
Set deadlines 
Stick to the schedules 
2. Focus on one thing: 
You all want results, but no one wants to focus 
Focus 100% on one with rather than 20% on 5 different things 
3. Make gradual changes and improvements: 
Do that first training session 
Do that first walk 
Start tracking 1 meal 
Focus on the 1st 1lb loss 
Start today 
4. Look at things diagnostically: 
What am I in control of? 
What can I do better? 
What are my biggest challenges right now? 
A problem solving mindset creates clarity, clarity creates efficiency 
5. Find your counsel: 
Find a network of people, friends, family who pick you and lift you up, not drag you down 
Get clear on who brings what to the table 
You'll adopt their habits, behaviours, mindset, tools 
Reduce time with the neggies, increase time with the others! 
Hope this helped! Save for later when prepping for 2023! 
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