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Look, I can write this article because I’ve been one of those PT’s that kept valuable information from his clients (years & years ago – soz if you read this). To put it bluntly, I was scared there were far superior things out there than me that my clients may prefer & get a result out of. Imagine telling a client that by increasing their step count every day & staying consistent, this could be more beneficial than 2/3 Hiit workouts per week? No chance. 
However, as I’m moving more through the industry & learning new things, being mentored by the best. I’m coming to realise we’re way more than just a ‘workout giver’ & we have much more value to offer. Being upfront & honest with clients right from the outset is going to build the very foundations needed for a long lasting coaching relationship that most importantly, gets results. 
Here are few of the things I remember ‘not telling’ my clients back in the day! Coaches if you’re reading this & can resonate, there’s still time to get it out in the open! 
Yup, that’s right. Walk more. 
It’s free, fun, stress free & very manageable. 
I think it’s extremely important to realise, every training system has its place, hypertrophy, strength, power lifting, cardio, HIIT, Liss, resistance training. I think it’s important to realise the most important factor is to keep thing’s as simple as possible & as basic as we can. BUT, thats the problem. Basic isn’t sexy, simple isn’t attractive. It doesn’t ‘sell’ in other words. 
I think it’s ironic, in the year 2018 I started using ‘steps’ as a part of our training systems & methods, & our clients results sky rocketed! We see results every month! This is because its easy to maintain, there’s less friction involved, it’s manageable, it’s sustainable. If your coach tells you ‘step count’ is for lazy people. Tell them to read this article & view our success stories. 
This is a part of our consultation process ‘I’ll tell you straight, your motivation right now is at one of it’s highest points, let’s use that because at some point in the coming months, it is going to diminish & decrease’. 
The sooner we get this in clients programme, the easier it is for them to understand later down the line. They are almost aware of it & can be ‘ready’ for it. It’s the discipline & dedication towards their original goal that will keep them focussed. 
This coupled with accountability, guidance & building education is what will allow a client to progress at their own pace. Learning a long the way. Motivation is 1 part of the 5 stages of success & will at some point weave in & out. Sometimes very high, sometimes very low. Be ready for it. 
Look, there are some terrible programmes out there & there are some very good programmes out there (relative). I remember at the very beginning of my personal training days before I used to spend time travelling & studying from the best in the industry. I used to swear my programmes were the best in the leisure centre or gym when in actual fact, they were no better than the other PT’s who worked there. 
Like I said. A very basic programme that ‘does the job’ & does it well, isn’t sexy or attractive. We have to make it sound better than it actually is for the ‘buy in’. I’m sure you see coaches on your feed selling their 10 day FAT LOSS challenge. Their programme is going to make you lean in just 10 days. Bottom line is, you just moved more & probably ‘watched’ what you ate for the 10 days. 
What changed our programmes was when we started looking at design specifics to that person, to their anatomy & joint structure, to their abilities & limitations, to their goals & enjoyment. Not what the ‘go to’ thing was. We coach it & we coach it very well. 
Listen carefully to this, I am not the most educated or qualified coach you’re listening to right now. Instead, what I am educated in, I know how to apply & make a difference with, time & time again, client case study after case study, consultation after consultation. I practice practice practice every single day. 
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve studied a lot off some of the best in the industry, my previous coach is one of the most influential online coaches in the UK with copious amounts of knowledge in many areas, with the ability to ‘apply’, my mentor is an extremely success health club owner who knows how to apply. Notice the pattern? I surround myself with people who are better than me & who know more than me, who I listen to, who I learn off, who I’m influenced by. I then know very well how to take that information & apply it to the real life people I work with on a daily basis. Time & time again. 
And look, let’s be honest you aren’t investing in a coach who has ‘highly qualified personal trainer’ on their bio, you quite frankly don’t give a f***. Bottom line is this ‘Do I like this person? Can I see myself working with them & most importantly are they going to transform my life’. That’s what really matters. 
So then next Billy Big b****** shouts his qualifications to you on your consult call tell them to p*** off. 
Whatever that means? Everything is relative in this game. It all depends. What’s the goal, what was sleep like the night before, how fed & hydrated are you, what's the motivation level like, what is energy like, have they had a busy stressful day at work, is there problems at home, are they carrying an injury, is the menstrual cycle playing a role. 
There’s 2 ways you can look at this, your coach does just want you to do well & have a mega workout I get that. So do I. But all of these things have a time & a place. It doesn’t require you to go hard every single session. Honest. 
You can have a super productive session working at a suboptimal rate & still make progress. 
Fancy cranking up the intensity 1 session? Go for it. Don’t be fooled into seeing these instagram influencers absolutely blowing out their arses thinking they are making huge progress every day. Good for them, they’re getting paid to train, they’re getting paid to promote supplements. You’re not. You’re after losing some body fat & feeling better about yourself & mental health. 
Look, that's enough from me. If you have any questions on any of these or wondering why your coach isn’t telling you them. Drop me an email below I’ll be happy to get back to you. 
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