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“Hi Kyle, I want to lose some weight, right around my mid section, just here *points to her mid section* BUT, I’ve seen you make women lift weights & it just isn’t for me. You know, I don’t want to get too big or bulky, like I’ve already got these big thighs as it is *grabs hold of quad*.” 
Aye ok then. I get you alright. Let me just check in with the female bodybuilder who’s stepping on stage in April & ask her how she’s getting on. 
You’ve all probably been this person above & that’s ok, some of you are finally coming out the back end of it & realising s*** I can lift weights & look this good! Yes you can! 
Let me breakdown some of the benefits of females lifting weights & why we do a lot of it down at KL Fitness. 
– You can start to build a right set of buns for yourself. The idea behind building strong glutes isn’t all about making them look ‘good’. It’s about ensuring they’re functioning properly & inline with the rest of your body. They’re your largest muscle group & should be treat with detail & respect. Think of this, great a** & a strong physique. Great eh? 
-It’s fun & rewarding to lift weights. Imagine the competitions you can ‘safely’ have with your friends. That doesn’t mean you can go around asking people how much they bench or squat. It just means a little friendly completion is great for progressively overloading your training programmes. 
-Progressive overload is a great tool to help people progress on strength, building tissue & burning body fat. These key indicators are great for helping clients realise they’re making progress not only on the body composition front, but their training too. It should be seen as something as a tool to help build a stronger, leaner more healthy physique rather than to ‘drop fat’. How would you progressively overload for yourself? Increase the ‘resistance or weight’. Increase the amounts of reps or sets. Decrease your rest times. Increase the volume. Increase the frequency (how many times you train) 
-It does help with decreasing body fat, alongside a calorie deficit. Although shouldn’t be seen as ‘training for calorie burn’, it is a great tool to use for energy expenditure. 
-Clients tell us they feel ’empowered’, ‘stronger’ & more confident when they lift weights. It gives them the ‘feel good factor’. It gives them a completely different perspective of life when they have something like this they can take control of. 
-It will increase your day to day energy. It will decrease your stress, improve your sleep. This means you’ll be able to play with your children for longer or dance until you can’t dance no more on a weekend. You’ll have more energy to do more of the things you love, you’ll burn more energy in the process! You’ll make better food choices & build better habits. 
-Always aching or injured? Poor tight lower back or achey shoulders? I’m not surprised. You aren’t allowing yourself to build strength in these areas. Your joints, tendons, ligaments & muscles will be come more stable, supple & be able to support your body. 
-You will start to ‘build & shape’ your muscles. This isn’t ‘toning’ whatever the f*** that is. Once we drop your body fat, we can start to build your muscle & shape. 
-Bone health! What an important factor for when we get old. This should speak for itself. The older we get, the more chance we have of suffering with osteoporosis & degeneration of bones. Let’s not allow that! Lifting weights can help decrease the risks! 
If you’re interested in how we can help you start to build your confidence in the gym. Contact me 
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