To be your biggest champion until you are capable of being your own, enabling you to live limitlessly. 
What it boils down to is, Whose actually willing to make the lemonade? I certainly am! 
Over the next 3 minutes, I want you to try & really understand what I’m trying to say. 
Over the next 3 months. We are all going to undergo some sort of change to our lives. Some for the better, some for the worse. It’s how we look at the process that will determine how we come out of it on the other side. Because let's be honest, life isn’t going to be anywhere near the same. We need to realise that early on. Otherwise we’ll be sat here (quite literally) waiting on slotting back into ‘normal life’. Whatever that actually means now. 
I’ll be honest, if you are just sat waiting around for all of this to end. You’re probably going to have a big shock when it gets to the time we’re allowed any real normality back to us. 
What we need to realise is, in order to come out of the other end, stronger, more efficient, adaptable, motivated, hungry to learn, good listeners, we need to work on the process in between. It’s no good ‘waiting around’. No one is going to do this for you. Sorry to say! 
Processes are what determines the outcome. 
Let’s give an analogy. 
The objective is to ‘be able to drive & have the legalities’ to do this. In your own car, with your own insurance, on the road! 
In order for you to be able to do this. You have to take the lessons, you have to take the test, & hope that you pass. In order for you to gain a licence. To then get you on the road. 
Being on the road, by ourselves, is the ultimate end goal. We focus on this, we dream about this, we want this & we long for this. However, we cannot get there without the test, the person who conducts the test ultimately has the power to allow us the right to ‘drive be ourselves’. 
The process in between started with us finding a driving instructor. This then lead to us buying our lessons. This then took us to the first time in the driving seat of a car, & finally, starting our first lessons, learning to drive. 
If we’re constantly in the state of ‘waiting for the outcome’ with no real drive to ‘do the process’ We’re literally up s*** creak. 
Put it this way, I say a lot to clients, ‘We rarely get the time to be ‘bored’ anymore. What I mean by that is, our lives are at a million miles per hour, every single day. There is literally no space in our heads to think. Let alone build processes in. I do try to take 5 minutes a day to ‘be bored’ in my head & just not have to ‘think’. But its hard. Life is life. What we’ve been given right now is that opportunity to sit back a little & look from the outside, in. I would say we’ll never get the chance to do this again but jeez we didn’t predict a pandemic did we. So who knows. But what im saying is, use this time wisely, use the time to be bored a little & get your mind juices flowing, take a minute to just breath, take a minute to just appreciate your loved ones, your friends. Be grateful for what you have, for what you once had, be grateful we will at some point be able to go back to ‘normal’. Be grateful the only thing you have to do is ‘stay at home’. Be in this moment now, take it all in, journal it, write about it, video about it, tik Tok it. 
Let’s talk about some processes. 
For you to achieve adaptability after all this has happened. You need to adapt now. You need to make the changes to your life that you were once not happy with. You have the time now to really look at your life as a whole & question. Am I doing this how I want to be doing it? Are you able to adapt at any given moment? Redundancy, death, promotion. You need to be able to think at a split second rate! 
Do you want a stronger & more robust mindset? You will need the process of headspace routines in your day/week. You will need to take time out of your day to purely focus on meditation, mindfulness, breathing techniques, grounding, journalling. You will not gain the mindset you desire by constantly being in the state of anxiousness or stress. You won’t gain it by being constantly negative & focussing on the ‘bad things’. You control your state & what you focus on. Use it wisely! I’m not saying its as easy as that to ‘flick the switch’. Im saying you now have the time to do this. 
Habit building. The habits you start to build now are going to be with you for the long run. The best time to build habits are when there is less friction involved. Let’s be honest, theres not a lot of day to day friction around us currently. Build those habits, do them daily, be clever in building them, use temptation bundling, reward systems, make them so desirable you have to do them! 
Do you want to improve your overall health right now? ‘Thinking’ about it can only take us so far. Creating the process to get there is what’s going to determine that. We can all think about that run we were going to go on, we can all think of that plate of veg we were going to eat, we were all going to think of that early morning training session & so on. Take action, do it, start 1% at a time to build up to that 100%. 
Is it going to be easy? Is it f***. You are literally going to single handedly re write your future in the next 3 months. This is my opinion but I believe honestly what we mould ourselves into over the next 12 weeks will determine the outcome of who we’ll be moving forward in the future. 
Enjoy the process. 
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