To be your biggest champion until you are capable of being your own, enabling you to live limitlessly. 
If you didn’t know already, I’m Carla, Junior Fitness Coach at KL. I am fairly new to the team, although I’m sure many of you will have seen my lurking around on the KL Fitness Instagram page, in the gym, or singing away taking you through a zoom class! I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself and tell you a little bit more about me. 
I can’t really write this in the times we are living in and not mention COIVD-19. I hope as you read this both yourself and all your family and friends are safe and well and that you are feeling ok in these times of uncertainty. 
So, who am I? Well, I am wife to Simon and mum to our gorgeous daughter Nellie who is 14 months old and an absolute legend. 
After previously working as an Administrative Manager for 5 years I did a complete u-turn and I am currently 6 months into my journey as Fitness Coach, passing my Level 2 Gym Instructor course before Christmas and am now well underway with my Level 3 which I hope to have completed by July this year. 
I have also recently completed a course in Supple strength and have a kettlebell & Spin course lined up, however they have been postponed due to the pandemic. 
What made me completely change career I hear you ask? Fitness is something I have always enjoyed and been passionate about. I found myself in my early 20’s gorging on pints of cider and takeaways, which resulted in me putting on quite a bit of weight – as you can imagine! When one of my friends asked me to be a bridesmaid, I decided it was time to get myself in better shape, and the rest as they say is history! I was an avid gym goer from then on. 
I first met Kyle when I decided at 20 weeks pregnant, I was going to join his K08 classes. I had been training alone confidently for years, but pregnancy was a whole new experience for me, I wanted to make sure I was being safe in what I was doing. 
I added two K08 classes to my three gym sessions a week and continued to do this until I was 36 weeks pregnant, which is something I am really proud of. I’m sure Kyle remembers this time as when I used to have him on edge, throwing myself fully into every exercise and keeping up with everyone! 
After I had Nellie, I was in for a big shock. I think I was very naive and thought because I had kept exercising right up to 36 weeks, I would bounce back and be in all my pre-pregnancy clothes within a few weeks… this was not the case! 
I will be honest now and say it is something I really struggled with – I struggled with how different my body was. Some people bounce back after pregnancy straight away, and others don’t, and it is completely fine to be p****d off if you are the latter! One thing I am looking forward to doing in the future is using my own experience to help other post-partum women. 
After getting back into the K08 classes I also booked 1:2:1 sessions with Kyle. He was great, he completely understood where I was coming from and I felt great being back in the gym, starting my post pregnancy weight loss journey. 
It was during one of these sessions that I was chatting to Kyle about going back to work and how I was looking for something new and more flexible around family life, when he mentioned there was an opportunity at KL Fitness. Taking him up on it has been the best decision I have made! 
Over the years I have tried it all, Zumba, Crossfit, Pilates, Bootcamps, the job lot, and I can honestly say I enjoy it all. But my favourite form of training is resistance, lifting weights is my sanctuary! It’s what I do to have some me time, to clear my head after a stressful day and to keep me sane. I can’t wait to be qualified at level 3 so I can get cracking with my 1:2:1 coaching and help people achieve their goals! 
That’s not to say I don’t enjoy taking classes because I absolutely do, being in that group environment, encouraging and motivating everyone and watching you all do the same to one and other is a wonderful thing. I love the community we have at KL Fitness, how everyone wants each other to achieve their goals, and is so supportive. 
Moving forward you will continue to see my running some of our weekly classes and I hope to be fully qualified to be able to 1-2-1 sessions by August. That doesn’t mean my studies will stop in August, I really want to continue to learn and develop into a good quality coach. 
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