To be your biggest champion until you are capable of being your own, enabling you to live limitlessly. 
Do you find yourself 'wanting' to be a 'size x'? 
How about 'I want to lose 30 lbs'? 
Or better yet, 'I want to look like x'. 
I see this every single week with people I consult so you're not alone. You do know, it's not even your fault. We've been programmed to think of the objective & work 'backwards'. However that's the issue here. We struggle to create the plan. There is so much noise on social media, the internet, books, podcasts nowadays; you're left stuck, in the dark, wondering wtf next right? 
What if I were to tell you every time I create an objective. I know there is a process involved in order to get me there. That doesn't entirely mean I know what I'm doing. It just means I have to put the efforts in the steps to get where I want to be. 
I say this to all of my clients who walk through the door 
'How does the person you desire to be, live day to day'? 
Once you start thinking like this. Things can start to be pieced together a little easier. 
For instance, if your goal is to get stronger & fitter. Do you think skipping gym sessions a couple of times per week & month is going to compliment that? No, instead the consistency of training is going to help towards achieving these goals. 
How about losing body fat & gaining confidence? Do you think the person eats purely junk foods, drinks every weekend & has low self esteem? No. They may track their food. They may eat veggies regularly, they may use methods to increase their empowerment & confidence such as meditation, reading, podcasts etc. 
Are things starting to seem a little more clear? 
Once you start building these little habits up, day by day, week by week, things will start to slow into place & before you know it, you're living the life of the person you want to be. These are the things that are going to make up the whole picture. 
We have to think about your behaviour, your habits, your beliefs, your emotions, your reward systems. How can we tap into these variables to gain the best possible outcome? 
How would you rate your behaviour towards food intake on a weekend? 
What are your emotional attachments to certain foods at certain times of the day/week/month? 
What do you reward yourself with? Alcohol, sweet foods? 
These are areas I want you to start looking at from after reading this article. How can you start to 1% at a time, make a positive shift towards your own goals? 
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