To be your biggest champion until you are capable of being your own, enabling you to live limitlessly. 


ABOUT ME : After spending his childhood being bullied for being overweight, never good enough at anything or second best. 
This has moulded the very mindset adopted today to lead from the front in empowering the legends at KL to be 1% better every day, staff, coaches, clients & members 
Throughout mindset, exercise, lifestyle, physique, relationships, careers, business, social circles, impact on others around you, competitions, performance, wealth and much more 
Kyle understands from each end of the scale what it's like to go from fat, overweight, unhappy, fed up & feeling like a lost cause to really pushing boundaries within the health & fitness space for personal growth, happiness & contentedness 
Kyle thinks better is a choice & will be your biggest champion, believing you can do the things, even you didn't think was possible 
He believes our coaching whether in person or online should be one of the best parts of your day, making it all about you 
He stands proud of the platform he has created, bringing a community of people together who want nothing but the best for each other 
Environment & proximity of people dictate outcomes. 


ABOUT ME : Dan wasn't always into fitness... going through childhood and early adulthood feeling like fitness wasn't something he was deserving of, the idea of it all was intimidating to say the least. 
After years in managerial and sales roles, feeling unfilled with his health and more importantly mindset coupled with lack of confidence. Dan became a member of KL at the end of 2020 unbeknownst to him that only 12 months later he would be 7 stone lighter and on the path to becoming a fitness and personal training professional at KL. 
Realisation came over the years that all these emotions were limiting self-belief and that he was as well as anyone else, worthy of health, a strong mindset and the ability to live limitlessly. Dan's passion is to help stack evidence and self belief that everyone is capable of more within health and wellbeing and his clients results are a testament to this. 
"Dan's weekly highlight is Saturday night pizza, film, cuddled up with his husband and 2 white fluffy cats" 


ABOUT ME : Stacey has had a passion for exercise ever since she was at school. As well as playing for the school sports teams, Stacey has dabbled in fitness classes and strength training in different gyms since she was 18 however she was always just 'going through the motions' with her fitness, and came from a place where she felt she needed to exercise because she had eaten 'bad food' or because she didn't like the way she looked or felt in her clothes. 
Fast forward to the present day and Stacey exercises because it makes her feel strong, energised and it allows her to be a better parent to her children. Stacey is now a fully fledged fitness coach and PT, as well as a qualified Strength and Condition Coach for children and young people. She has a vast amount of experience from her previous career where she supported vulnerable families and she brings this caring, nurturing and encouraging approach to her coaching. 
Stacey believes that health and wellbeing should be accessible to everyone, regardless of where they are in their journey and she will meet you where you are at. Stacey also be.lieves that exercise should be a celebration of what your body can do, and not to be used as a punishment for your lifestyle choices. 
When Stacey is not at work, you will find her spending time with her two boys; or with her family and friends. 
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