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ABOUT ME : I like to live the flexible approach towards my entire life, from exercise and training, to food choices and eating out.  
I instill this approach with each of my clients. I believe in sustainability and enjoyment.  
Do I track my food religously? No; Do I believe you should? No.  
Female Fat loss 
Strength and exercise mechanics 
Life coaching 
Group Coaching specialist  
KO8 suspension training affiliate  
COACH: Sarah 
ABOUT ME : I like to live my life in the fast lane, getting the most out of every minute. I’m a teacher, a baker, a daughter, sister, girlfriend and friend. I love nothing more than to make people feel good from brownies to banter and I carry this through to my approach to exercise. 
The gym isn’t just about getting a workout in. It’s the laughs, the music and the endorphins. It’s like the buzz you get from a night out at Popworld but any day of the week and without the hangover! 
You get out what you put in! So if you want to feel great, I’ll see you at the next class 😉.  
ABOUT ME : I used to skive P.E. Yes in school and into adulthood any form of physical activity I avoided. I used to be 6 stone heavier than I am now... 
It's crazy how quickly your emotions and approach to life can change when you choose to prioritise yourself. 
I can help you, I've been in your shoes. Starting this journey is daunting, but with relatableness and willingness you can plant the seed and together we can help YOU enjoy the fruit! 
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