To be your biggest champion until you are capable of being your own, enabling you to live limitlessly. 
Jenny joined KL coaching in order to look past where she currently was. She had already been very happy with the progress she'd made after joining classes, but felt she had become a little stuck with where to go next. With all the conflicting information on the internet, it was really difficult to make a start. 
Jenny lacked confidence in the ability to come into the gym and train by herself, she knew that by adding resistance training & managing her food intake, her physique and body composition would also change, giving her back the confidence she'd been lacking. 
We created a routine towards food management & exercise for Jenny in the first couple of weeks. Educating her on how to manage & prioritize her time correctly towards making sure these tasks got done. Jenny implemented food tracking and calorie management in which opened her eyes to the depths of nutrition. We educated her on the importance of day to day movement, relative to how much she was eating to help improve her body composition. An area she'd never really considered. 
We tidied her food up a little by broadening food groups and types. Jenny didn't understand the importance of protein intake until starting coaching. Now realizing it plays a vital role in body composition, meal satisfaction & overall recovery and performance from training. 
We made sure Jenny lived a very flexible approach towards her training & nutrition in which we made it work for her. We ensured the tasks were none negotiable to her week. Wherever they may end up. She saw the importance and value behind managing these things closely. 
Jenny was just like you. She felt hours of cardio, hours of classes & low calorie diets were the way forward in order to achieve long lasting results only to be taken down the right path of understanding we shouldn't see our exercise as a tool to 'burn calories', but instead become stronger, leaner, happier, more confident, whilst managing a flexible diet. We set Jenny up in her first couple of weeks of maintenance calories to establish some boundaries around food tracking, higher output, steps, and training. This was a good bedding in phase for her to see the importance of tracking what she was doing via our online check in documents. 
Jenny is over the moon with where she is now and where she's heading! Listen to what she has to say! 
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