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As we’re meandering our way out of lockdown into the ‘new normal’ I want to spend some time writing an article on my own reflection on Covid-19 & my own experiences throughout that. 
I’ll be discussing the highs & the lows to give you a clear insight as to what it’s been like from my perspective. I’m sure a lot will be able to resonate out there with me & I’m thankful you’re reading this. 
I know it’s not fitness or health related but it is lifestyle & mindset. Which are big players in someone’s ability to achieve a great result. 
The first I want to delve into is: 
One thing that has really grounded me is the ability to adapt & overcome (Bear Grylls pun). I’m telling you now it was the easiest, yet hardest thing I have ever done. The easiest part about it is that we have been literally forced into it. The hardest part being that you are forced into it. It’s odd isn’t it how 1 thing can change the whole world & some will literally not even be able to survive that. Is it their fault? Not at all! Just because they weren’t prepared doesn’t mean it’s their fault or they’re to blame. Why should they be prepared? I certainly wasn’t. 
One thing I ask when I make decisions on new projects & ideas is that are they adaptable. What other ways can this be done in the event of a crisis. Take this for instance. There is a huge possibility that the next global crisis will be linked with the online world, the internet. Will this be in our time? Who knows. But I have to ask, are we ready for that in the event of it happening. I would say not right now no, but it’s something we’d have to work on. 
Ask yourself: Are you adaptable? Are you ready for the next big crash? 
Look, to some this is a little airy fairy but believe me it works a treat. Do you know how good it feels to actually be grateful for something. There is a lovely sense of overwhelm & happiness that comes over you. The fact you’re content with what you have & you feel you have it all in abundance. 
I’ve always been grateful but never knew what for. Now I understand it. 
I’ve been on calls this week discussing with clients who i’ll be honest have stuck with us through thick & thin. The online coaching world isn’t built for the market I work with & that’s a fact. For them to still continue to work with us without the gym, without 1:1 coaching, without in house classes for me speaks a thousand words. These people are loyal, they are invested, they care. That cannot be bought. 
Not that I’ve never not been grateful for these people. Times like this just makes you appreciate them more as they wouldn’t necessarily need to go out of their way to show their loyalty. 
I’ll be honest, life get’s so good when you’re grateful for what you have. You’re not always looking for ‘what’s next’. Always hungry for more, but always content. 
Try this!: Start your day, 3 x per week & write down 3 things you’re grateful for. It could look like this 
-That i’ve been able to wake up fit & healthy. 
-A safe family 
-A secure job & career. 
They are little things that to others mean nothing, but to you. 
The entire world. 
Nothing is guaranteed. Period. Let that digest for a minute… How does it feel to know 1 day you may just wake up & have nothing? 
You are not entitled to what you have. It’s earned. Every day. This isn’t a motivational speech. This is the harsh reality. 
Take this for instance. I’d see my sister & the boys (nephews) once a month (if that), and it would be whilst I was ‘over that end’. Didn’t think anything of it as ‘they’ll always be there’. 
1 day that got taken away from us. We couldn’t make contact in person, we were locked down. All we had was facetime. My heart aches to be able to cuddle & hold them! Does that mean I should see them daily & go over kill? No, it means you are not entitled to think you can see them as & when you please. Life is not that simple. 
Take the poor people who couldn’t even go to their relatives funeral due to lockdown & social distancing? I cannot even imagine what they’ve been through. They didn’t take those people for granted but just imagine this. 
You’re told sorry you can’t go to the funeral of your Dad. The week before you just said i’ll ring you in a few days I’m super busy at the moment just got to get this project finished up. 
This coincides with the above but think about it. We work as hard as we do, become as successful as we do, live a total separate life doing the jobs & working the careers we do. To have the possibility of having no one there at the end of it when you’re done. 
We work like we do to share these things with these people yet it’s so easy to forget about them during. Who’s to say you’re entitled to having them there once you’re done, whenever that is. 
For instance, the gym’s are possibly opening on Monday 20th July, that day is a special boy’s birthday who’s invited me to his meal at Billy Bobs (that’s a really good eatery over Skipton way). This is a catch 22 situation as on one hand. The gym needs re opening that day & on the other hand. I need to spend more time with family. What would you do in that situation? 
The oddest part about it, just when you’re feeling ok. That little voice in your head chirps up ‘Don’t forget about the bad stuff’. Then BAM! It starts again. 
I read & I have a lot of tools to help me overcome this. I have a coaching mentor who enables me to use perspective, point me in the right directions & offers invaluable advice. I am ready for these situations however it doesn’t mean I don’t experience them. 
They are crippling. The day before you may be laughing about what someone has said, the next crying because you’ve taken it the wrong way. 
Check our ‘Anxiety management’ Instagram & Facebook post giving you some tools to implement when things get tough. 
Know this one thing – It won’t last forever. 
What have you learnt or taken from lockdown & the current crisis? 
I mean, don’t feel you even had to. It’s not the written rule you had to pay gratitude every day or run 5 miles per day. You can take whatever you wanted from it. 
If you took nothing, use that as a tool to perhaps say next time, I will look at taking something from bad situations. 
There is always a way around something & you’re in control of that. 
I hope what i’ve shared with you today gives you an understanding of my experience through lockdown. Nothing specific in there but things I have truly felt. 
I’ve cried, I’ve laughed, I’ve been cocky, I’ve been everything in the past few months. 
I’ll tell you one thing, I wouldn’t change it for the world. 
Bring it all on. 
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