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That dreaded, yet exciting time of year. Winter. 
We wait all year in anticipation for this great time of year, lots of food, festivities, friends, family, drink, cosy winter evenings. Yet, we seem to lose our shit when it comes down to our goals, our nutrition, will power & motivation. I get it. You’re not alone! 
We need a plan, & it needs to be sustainable. Feel I can help? Read below, grab that coffee/tea & enjoy. 
-Surround yourself with like minded people. Why the hell are you trying to go to the gym with Trudy the woman who can’t get to a class during summer, let alone winter? Why are you going to lunch with the guys who eat Domino’s for lunch & don’t put a lb on, you beat yourself up & wish you had ‘their metabolism’. 
Find yourself a set of people who want their results as much as you & value them. 
Spend time with them, in & out of the gym, find out where they eat, where they shop, what classes do they go to. I mean don’t go all creepy on them but ask to get involved. If it fit’s in with what you like, can achieve & sustain for goodness sake do it! 
-No one said it was going to be easy. I will tell you now I really struggle training at this time of year. I could quite easily eat the calories I’m allowed when training & happily not show up. BUT, that make’s me as bad as the next person. Buckle up, get involved & crack on. That doesn’t mean ‘go hard or go home’. It just means put some work in. 
-The good old sleep & recovery talk. I’ll tell you this for free. Any client that walks in with poor sleep, recovery & general rest has to be prioritised before they move on into any nutrition or training programmes, at any time of year! 
During winter, our circadian rhythm comes in line with the light hours in the day, which is very minimal, this means it is in charge of telling our bodies that we are more tired, to suit the 24 hour period. You may find that dip in energy between 1-3pm due to the cycle. 
This means your priority is to improve the quality of your sleep, not neccessarily the ‘amount’. 
How? Meditate, read a book, switch devices off after a certain time, breathing techniques, eat a light meal before bed, comfier PJ’s, warmer duvet. These are all external factors you are always in charge of, yet neglect. 
You don’t want to go into the next day, tired, cold, de motivated, cravings, appetite through the roof, a shit nights sleep will definitely be the causation of that. 
-Invest in a decent nutritoon & training programme. Contact form below! 
-Buy a good coat. It’s going to be cold! The worst thing in the world is hearing the shattering rain on the window, wind blowing a gail & you know you have to go out to that to get to the gym, or on that run. You’re thinking, f*** that. So am I! However, with a mega coat. It’ll make that a little bit easier. Put the hood up, worry about your hair later. 
-Chill & relax a little bit. It’s the same goals, just in a different season. They will still be there in a few months, right? Perhaps change the goal posts a little bit & aim to achieve different things that match where you’re currently at? 
-Plan / prepare your food intake. (although the previous blog could be quite contradictory). I LOVE big hearty meals at this time of year! Lots of veg, plans, meat, potatoes, gravy! Get it in the slower cooker & you’re well on your way to a healthy, delicious, nutritious meal! 
-Book those sessions in advance. Not the night before. I’ll tell you now if our members haven’t booked their classes a week in advance I’m on their back. It is so important to have direction & schedules in place regarding your training! Off the cuff just won’t cut it! Not all the time! It is great to be ‘intuitive’ but it’s also good to have structure. 
-Defrost the car 10 minutes before, or grab your coat & get your steps in. Live a bit away? Run! Nah just kidding. Just be prepared for the car to be frosty & cold. 
-Most importantly, have fun & enjoy it! It doesn’t have to be so daunting. Use it as an experience to learn more about yourself at different times of year. Write your own diary or journal. Compare to next year. Did you improve? 
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