To be your biggest champion until you are capable of being your own, enabling you to live limitlessly. 
Hands up if you're on the side of those who just doesn't really like working out or training? 
Not that this is a problem, I think it's just wise to know where you are with it all & how you can approach it differently, that's relative to you. 
We know motivation just isn't always around us, especially during these times. That get up & go has diminished in a lot of us & quite frankly, exercise just isn't that appealing sometimes. We find ourselves seeking 'the next thing' to find that desire & burning passion, we try that fad that our mates love, we jump on the youtube workouts & live insta programmes but we just can't settle into something, 'we' love & enjoy. 
I want to help you find the way for you. Not for Julie down the road who loves PBing 3 x per week & happy being covered in injuries. You, who just wants an easy life, to do something you enjoy & can see yourself doing 3 years from now. 
Let's split the approaches up into 3 categories. 
Hands up who throws the towel in after missing the gym on Monday? 'F*** it, missed today I'll go next week now, no point in trying tomorrow I have to sort this & that'. Let's get clear on one thing, I wouldn't expect you to fully invest everything into this & throw everything at it. You've gone from not doing much to training 5/6 times per week. How is that sustainable? Start with that 1 session, look for marginal gains day to day rather than the complete outcome. 
Why do you have to do everything all at once? 
At KL, we just do the basics, very well, day in, day out. Nothing more. Nothing fancy. We make sure it's enjoyable & progressive & most importantly, relative to you. 
Ever find yourself comparing everything you do to someone who's done it way longer than you? This is everything that is wrong about your progression. Why compare yourself to someone whose goals are totally different to yours? Who lives a different lifestyle to you. Who has a different body to you? Take 10 seconds out now, whose that 1 person you compare yourself to & really ask yourself; Does it really matter if they 'do more than you'? Who are you doing this for? Them, or you? Think about what they would think or say if they knew this. 
Not to blow our trumpet but it's basic math, hiring a specialist to help you along in your journey, finding your why, finding your barriers & overcoming them, helping you navigate & create a plan that's relative to you & works. 
Let's take our hairdressers & barbers for instance. Do you really think we'd be wise to cut our own hairs, colour it, add extensions in & do whatever else to it? Do you think you'd even have the patience or even be bothered to do it? (Granted lockdown has pushed us into this ultimatum) but who were the first people we contacted when lockdown was lifted? My point exactly. 
Hire the professional. 
That being said, you know where we are 
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